This time my dad couldn't really object as he himself was a semi-pro magician and I had got my taste for the bright lights acting as his stooge in theatres up and down the country, and I had also developed my own separte act as a 'boy wonder mindreader'. I didn't mind what I did as long as I was in showbusiness, so I got a job as a messanger boy with a London Film Company.

During the next few years I won some talent contests, toured as a variety artiste, did my two years National Service in the RAF, then joined Granada in theatre management. This led to a head office job as publicity manager and stage show producer. Then, when Granada went into television, we moved to Manchester and I became a producer which eventually led to the postion of Head of Light Entertainment.

When, after thirtyfive years I left Granada to set up my own independent production company my working schedule suddenly changed - I was able to suit myself - and this is when I rediscovered my long neglected love of painting.

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