As far as show business trends are concerned Johnnie has always seemed to have been in the right place at the right time. As a lad he was touring the Variety theatres with all the great Music hall names and was on the spot when the big American stars appeared in the West End in the late fourties. During the fifties he was presenting one night stands - first with the new record supersellers like Johnnie Ray, Guy Mitchell and Frankie Laine - and later with the rockers like Tommy Steele, Cliff Richard and Gene Vincent. He was at the opening of the famous 2 I's coffee bar and his office window actually looked straight down Carnaby Street.

The sixties found him in the northwest - right at the heart of the new music scene which was started by the Fab Four and was destined to become a worldwide sensation. As a Londoner living and working in the North Johnnie was quick to spot the great wealth of talent doing the rounds in the Clubland and devised series like The Comedians and The Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club which introduced viewers nationwide to a hundred new faces who became the stars of today Johnnie recalls the time when Frank Sinatra could only attract 150 fans for a one night stand; Mick Jaggar saying in 1964 that the Rolling Stones would only be around for another two years; turning down Stevie Wonder; bribing Alvin Stardust; skinny dipping with Larry Hagman in Dallas - and a thousand other stories

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